A splint is defined as “a rigid or flexible device that maintains in position a displaced or movable part; also used to keep in place and protect an injured part” or as “a rigid or flexible material used to protect, immobilize, or restrict motion in a part.” Splints can be used for injuries that are not severe enough to immobilize the entire injured structure of the body. For instance, a splint can be used for certain fractures, soft tissue sprains, tendon injuries, or injuries awaiting orthopedic treatment. A splint may be static, not allowing motion, or dynamic, allowing controlled motion. Splints can also be used to relieve pain in damaged joints. Splints are quick and easy to apply and do not require a plastering technique. Splints are often made out of some kind of flexible material and a firm pole-like structure for stability.


• By the emergency medical services or by volunteer first responders, to temporarily immobilize a fractured limb before transportation;
• By allied health professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists and orthotists, to immobilize an articulation (e.g. the knee) that can be freed while not standing (e.g. during sleep);
• By athletic trainers to immobilize an injured bone or joint to facilitate safer transportation of the injured person; or
• By emergency department (ED) physicians to stabilize fractures or sprains until follow-up appointment with an orthopedist.

Splint Types

Ankle Stirrup –   Used for the ankles.

Finger Splints –  Used for the fingers. A "mallet" or baseball finger is a rupture of the extensor tendon and sometimes including a fracture. While surgery may be necessary such an injury may heal if placed in a finger splint.

Nasal splint

Posterior Lower Leg

Posterior Full Leg

Posterior Elbow

Sugar Tong  –   Used for the forearm or wrist. They are named "sugar-tong" due to their long, U-shaped characteristics, similar to a type of utensil used to pick up sugar cubes.

Thumb Spica –  Used for the thumb.

Ulnar Gutter –   Used for the forearm to the palm.

Volar Wrist Splint –   Used for the wrist.

Wrist/arm splint –   Used for the wrist or arm

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