Other Root Canal Treatments

Other Root Canal Treatments

What is an apicectomy?

An apicectomy is a minor procedure to remove the tip (apex) of the root of a tooth. This will be done in association with the root treatment of the tooth (to fill the canal of the root and to treat or prevent infection).
Sometimes, apicectomies also involve the removal of a cyst at the top of the tooth root. Apicectomies are more often performed for front teeth (they are easier to access) but can be carried out on back teeth.

How are apicectomies performed?

    Apicectomies are usually carried out under local anaesthesia (while you are awake). The dentist (or oral and maxillofacial surgeon) will need to gain access to the tip of the root, which means that they will make an incision in your gum (a 'flap') with a scalpel and then might need to remove some bony tissue (some drilling to remove a 'window'). The root tip of the tooth is then removed (by drilling) along with the infection or cyst (scooped out with an instrument), then a small white filling is placed at the end of the tooth to seal it. The flap of gum is then replaced and held in place with dissolving sutures (stitches).

Hemi-section of failed RC treated tooth

Hemisection is sectioning of multi-rooted teeth with its crown portion, with the loss of periodontal attachment and is performed to retain the original tooth structure and attain the fixed prosthodontic prosthesis.

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