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Teeth Cleaning & Gum Diseases Treatment

PERIODONTOLOGY INFORMATION When do you need to see a Periodontist? You should consult a Periodontist if you have following complaints- Deposits on teeth Mobile teeth Bleeding gums Oral malodour Food lodgement Sensitivity Gum enlargement Receding gums exposing root What are the causes of bleeding gums? Soft and hard deposits on the teeth (plaque & calculus) […]
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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care Myths About Milk Teeth Baby Teeth aren’t Important. Milk Teeth are Temporary and will Eventually fall out, hence need no Treatment! Unless There is pain its “ALL RIGHT”! Why Do We Need Baby/ Milk Teeth? Baby teeth are very important to your child’s health and development. Chewing food, speech and smile. Holding […]
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