Smile makeover

Smile Makeover

What is smile makeover?

How it alters your everyday life?

How to take care after smile makeover treatment

Why should you choose us?

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Smile makeover by Face and dental international clinic, Pune

Face and dental international clinic is the best smile makeover clinic in Pune.

We have got a team Doctor along with Dr  Prakash Patil as a Maxillo facial surgeon  Prosthosdontist , Periodontist  who along with with one of the finest dental lab in India , Help you to transform your smile .

We are  helps you to transform your smile because nothing is important than your smile. We design a pleasant and perfect smile that emphasizes your facial characteristics, hair color, skin tone, and personality.

Let’s have a look at what is smile makeover surgery? How it alters your everyday life? How to take care after smile makeover treatment? Why should you choose us? Consult with our Aesthetic expert.

What is smile makeover?

Natural wear and tear, some random events produce an uneven and unappealing smile. But don’t worry about it, our smile makeover team of  dentist can restore your teeth by using a variety of treatments.

A dental smile  makeover treatment is the essential cosmetic and dental procedure.

The process renews the appearance of lips, teeth, and cheeks. Tooth repair and replacement, tooth whitening, braces, and lip and cheek injections are the several components of a smile makeover procedure. These procedures reform your smile and take away the apparent aging bestowed by your teeth; hence named as smile makeovers.

How it alters your everyday life?
  • Smile makeover surgery transforms your smile painlessly with few appointments.
  • It is the convenient way to establish a pleasant smile your face.
  • The surgical procedure lasts for a long time and requires slight care and precautions.
How to take care after the smile makeover treatment?
  • These smile makeover methods serve for 10-15 years, but teeth will become faded and discolored by the time.
  • We recommend you to avoid chewy foods and also staining foods immediately after surgery.
Why choose us?
  • We have a team of aesthetic dentists who have set of required skills and experience.
  • They have acquired proper training for painless dentistry or painless dental treatments.
  • Our clinical infrastructure and clinical facility help us in delivering affordable and worthy procedures in less time.
Consult with our Aesthetic expert
  • Our cosmetic dentistry expert maintains a record of your smile by taking pictures and taking impressions for study purpose.
  • You can discuss desired smile expectations with our team of dentist.

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