Tooth Crystals

Tooth Crystals

What is tooth crystal?

Want to know more about tooth jewellery?

What are the types of dental jewellery?

Tooth Crystal

Tooth jwellery

What are the steps involved in practicing a tooth jewellery

What is the process of stone removal?

What are the advantages of tooth Jewel procedure?

Tooth crystal treatment by face and dental international clinic, Nigdi, Pune

face and dental international clinic, offer best tooth crystal treatment clinic in Pune helps you to go along  with the latest fashion trends. We provide not only the teeth whitening but also tooth crystal therapy which adds a new meaning to your smile. face and dental international clinic always with you to support you to achieve your dental health goals.

What is tooth crystal?

Teeth jewellery is a leading cosmetic dental procedure in which we  attaches the diamond or tooth gems to the tooth surface. This will help you to dazzle your teeth with topmost-quality tooth jewellery.

The tooth decoration is a painless procedure and does not require drilling or holes. It will not make any impairment to the tooth function and are easy to remove. We use the tooth jewellery which is small in size, have a flat back surface. We use the safe dental cement  to put on the tooth.

Want to know more about tooth jewellery?
  • Tooth jewelry procedure is minimally invasive and painless.
  • Once you finish the process then no need of extra care and maintenance.
  • These tooth crystals are removable and have no side effects on your teeth enamel.
  • It is not lengthy process it requires hardly 10 -20 minutes.
  • The tooth crystals are stain resistant and have a flat surface area at the back.
  • The results will last for about two to four years as it is not a permanent procedure.
What are the types of dental jewellery?

You can find the variety of tooth crystals at our face and dental international clinic. We have the dental gems that have the variable sizes, colors, and shapes. Here are the few of them listed below:

  • Dental gems, they are glass crystals available in variable shapes and colors.
  • Twinkles, they are pure gold and precious stones like diamonds, sapphire, and ruby.
  • Tooth rings
  • Removable tooth jewellery

Tooth Jewellery

Types of Tooth Jewellery

Tooth Jewellery procedure

What are the steps involved in practicing tooth jewellery?
  1. Our tooth gem dentist then cleans the contact surface of the tooth with brush or cup or with polishing agents.
  2. He/she scratch your tooth for 60 sec to 1 minute. The diameter of the scraped surface as larger than the size of the stone.
  3. After etching, rinse off thoroughly with mild acid and water.
  4. Then he dries off the surface thoroughly.
  5. By applying a thin layer of bonding agent onto the etched region of the tooth.
  6. Excess bonding agent should be removed carefully without making any cuts to the jewellery. For this purpose, the dentist uses silicone polishers.
  7. Avoid touching the stone with fingers, if the jewel gets contaminated, clean it carefully.
What is the process of stone removal?
  • The method of the jewel removal is the same as that of the orthodontic bracket, and it will not damage the enamel.
  • After extraction of the gem, they will do the proper polishing of the tooth, and it removes the remains of bonding agent.
  • The dentist uses a scalar or a rubber polisher to remove the stone.
Why choose us for tooth jewel procedure?
  • We can painlessly implant the tooth jewels.
  • Our experts can give you a charming smile without infecting or damaging your teeth.
  • face and dental international clinic adds value to your smile.
  • We make your teeth more attractive and sparkling the smile.

If you want a bit of glamour and fun, then you can contact our cosmetic dentist to get a beautiful smile.

Tooth Jewellery

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